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A good idea....

A good idea begins with a spark of inspiration and imagination.  From that, Finish Line Designz works with you to mold, shape, build and enhance that spark into a brilliant message with design, layout graphics - all to communicate your idea, cause a reaction, and produce results. For Madalynne Crowe, owner of Finish Line Designz, designer, illustrator, and, her approach to design is about developing an effective way to promote a business, product, or service, and take the additional steps necessary to set that message apart from everything else. Winning a design award is nice, but even better is producing something that becomes a viable part of businesses’ promotional, marketing, and advertising efforts. The real award is receiving client feedback that their new brochure, advertisement, or Web site is getting noticed, being used by customers, or best of all, generating more business and revenue. Drawing from nearly 20 years of experience, Finish Line Designz provides a full range of graphic design, photography, photo editing, illustration, and writing services to clients, businesses, and other agencies across the country.